Not another taxi directory site you may be saying. Slightly different this one in that the details given have been checked and validated. Nice change from some directories carrying, usually without permission from the taxi operators concerned, inaccurate and out of date information.

All taxi operators listed here are licensed by the Scottish Borders council, who in turn check that vehicles are fit for purpose and carry the appropriate insurance coverage requirements. Peace of mind and safeguards for the travelling public.

You may find these pages useful in finding a Scottish Borders taxi operator with good local knowledge, since they are actually based in the town You are currently located, or alternatively the town You would like to travel to, safe in the knowledge that the operator has been thoroughly vetted.

Planning ahead can be helpful. Using a taxi fare calculator will give an idea of what the cost is likely to be, but the use of a route planner gives the added advantage of seeing the route. Any taxi operator along this route will be able to quote more competitively than an operator remote from same.

If You encounter problems with a taxi operator or driver. Note the operating zone and licensed taxi number of the vehicle. This should be clearly displayed on a plate or sticker inside the car, and again on the front and back of the exterior.

Report the nature of believed offence to Scottish Borders Council as soon as practical. If a more serious event inform the Police immediately. The zone and taxi number will assist each agency greatly, as will date(s) and time(s).

All Scottish Borders licensed taxi vehicles will display these "plates".